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spatial ambiguity

a session with: jib x chocolatetruck x stinkpit
this project was the product of an afternoon session at whitehall skatepark in philadelphia. the riders include matty miller, steve tassone, nick bott, brendon reith, dan conway, joby suender, joe niranonta, fran meehan, nick barrett, eric capone, pat schlitzer, yock, jonathan schimpf, ry niranonta and tyler butler. lines, grinds, chinese take-out and pizza pies. runt bikes, razor scooters, ratty kids and roller blades. please excuse the fudge spots on the chocolate lens. brand new stinkpit, chocolatetruck and jib releases coming soon. stay tuned.
put together by jonathan schimpf with text treatments from pat schlitzer. camera work by jonathan schimpf, matty miller, nick barrett and nick bott.
three crews / three cameras VX1.VX21.VX21
stink pit: chocotruck: stink pit two: vx twenty12: number one: number two:
there is still such a thing as magic.
this is what invisible looks like.
for baek.
recently my series “strange observations” was featured on the last people, along with a short little write up. i’ve been a big fan of the last people for awhile, so i am very excited about this. click the image to check it out!

this is the second mixtape in the jib series. the riders include pat schlitzer, chris “fuzz” ware, nick bott, jonathan schimpf, joby suender, jeff fanelli, steve tassone, matty miller, kevin vannauker and dan bob. jib is a project that focuses on creating footage of riders that are living and riding in the philadelphia/greater area. jib is filmed in standard definition and entirely in philadelphia/some surrounding areas nearby.


clearance compromised.
nobody is watching the children.
apartment number one.